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Developed by Juliu Horvath, Hungarian-born, former dancer, GYROTONIC* is a conditioning system of movement that shares the principles of swimming, yoga, martial arts, dance and gymnastics to strengthen joints and energize organ systems. After having suffered injuries from his dance career, Horvath created this work around what his body needed to heal and regenerate.

GYROTONIC® is performed on a large piece of equipment called the Pulley Tower, and allows the practitioner, through the use of pulleys, straps and weights, to move joints in full range of movement with support. Arcs, spirals and twists can be performed, which helps to nourish, strengthen, and stretch muscles, tendons and facia. At the beginner level, the Tower helps the student with stabilization of the movements while enjoying the freedom of the shapes.

Breathing patterns are an essential part of the work, enabling one to increase blood flow, open pathways of energy and help oxygenate all parts of the body.The suppleness of the spine, muscles and connective tissue is one of the most important results of the work.

Core strength and a heightened awareness of the full range of movement in major joint systems are also primary principles. There are many concepts in the work. Some include rhythmic movement, organized breath sequences, spiraling patterns of motion, extension and flexion of the spine, work originating from a core or ‘seed center’. and the creation of a natural flow of energy through the body.

image_GYROGYROTONIC® is for the beginner looking to get a sense of connection with the body energy as well as for the advanced student who may be very athletically honed, but may be off-balance in some aspects. Individuals with injuries or conditions, of course, are the perfect candidates for the work as it was derived in a rehab setting.The founder, Juliu, then saw how wonderful it was for all types of individuals. So the system is still evolving with the very active founder,who is is very hands-on with all who are certified. GYROTONIC* is very pure but at the same time is an expression of the individual.

GYROTONIC* and GYROKINESIS* are registered trademarks of the GYROTONIC* Sales Corporation and are used with their permission.


Principles of GYROTONIC®

  • Opening with Movement of Spine

  • Organic, Spiraling through Joint Structures

  • Breathing Patterns Replicating Motion that Energize the Body

  • Flexibility from Lengthening Pathways

  • Rhythmic Movement Stimulating Organ System Stimulation

  • Release of Blocked Energy

  • Achieving a Sense of Well-Being and Balance